Keep My Networks Safe

Check if the networks you use are safe, fix potential issues and protect others.


Learn if the networks you use at home, school, work or relatives have vulnerabilities or malicious programs attacking others. If you find something, you will be instructed on how to solve the problem.

Step 1

Check Current Network

Focus on the network you are using right now. Badrap's smart IP address checkup service tells you if your current network address can be found on any lists of vulnerable devices, aggregated by security researchers.

Try it for yourself:


This Badrap service checks if the network you are using now has a good reputation.

Step 2

Remediate Any Issues

If a vulnerability is detected don't panic, you have at least two good ways to proceed.

  1. Follow the advice provided with every issue reported by the Check Current Network step above.
  2. If you are not the owner of your current network, you can report the issue to the owner along with the provided advice.

Doing these things will give you the best chance of resolving immediate issues and ensure that they don't occur again on a particular network.

Step 3

Do More Checking

If everything is OK at home or in your office, visit other networks that you care about. Maybe check out your grandparents' network, or hotels and cafes when you visit them.

Do More Checking
Step 4

Enable Automation

For peace of mind and round-the-clock safekeeping, register with Badrap. You will get detailed information about networks you have saved, and if something happens at any of your visited networks, you will get an email alert with instructions on how to address the problem.

We receive new reports from security researchers constantly. Once you are registered, we can warn you immediately via email if your IP address is detected in any of our reports.

  • Automatic and continuous checking of your IP address for any new vulnerabilities.
  • Notifications if your IP address is found in any reports from security researchers.
  • Ability to follow multiple IP addresses; e.g. home, work, or family members network.
  • Only important notifications. We do not spam or send constant marketing emails.