Personal Data Breaches

Deal with personal data breaches. Learn if your data has been leaked and reduce the harm.


When personal data leaks on the Internet, it often contains email addresses. Learn if your data has been leaked. Find out about the nature of the leak, learn how to prevent account takeovers, and avoid being fooled by your own data. Want to go pro? Train yourself to prevent data leaks and help also others.

Step 1

Check your primary email for leaks

One quick and easy way to check if your email address or related data has been compromised is to use our free email address checker service. Badrap works with trusted data breach information sources such as Haveibeenpwned to make sure that you get the best and most accurate information about data breaches.

Try it out for yourself:

Step 2

Remediate Any Issues

If you get an alert don’t panic, you have at least two good ways to proceed.

Doing these things will give you the best chance of resolving immediate issues and ensuring that the same thing does not happen again on a particular website.

Step 3

Do more checking

Once you have resolved all issues for your own personal email address, you can check if your work address has been compromised, or help your colleagues, friends and family members check if their personal data has been breached.

Do more checking
Step 4

Be proactive

Signing up with Badrap lets you monitor all of your important online assets such as IP addresses and emails, ensuring privacy and security. When you sign up, we can alert you about any new breaches or incidents that affect your assets.

Nearly done

Save your progress

With an account you can track your security journey and automate the tedious tasks. We will monitor your assets 24/7 and send you an alert whenever something is wrong.

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