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Protect yourself and your family

  • Access to free playbooks

  • Use as a self-service

  • Automatic security alerts

  • Standard security content


500 €

Protect your business with automation

  • Everything in free tier

  • Access to all playbooks

  • Automate your tasks with apps

  • Tailored security content

  • Book a kickoff meeting with the team

Full service

1500 €

Let's protect your business together

  • Everything in automation tier

  • Playbook of the month as a full service

  • 30-minute customer success meeting each month

  • Access to professional services

Full service plus

2500 €

We will protect your business

  • Everything in full service tier

  • Extra playbook as a full service

  • 60-minute customer success meeting each month

  • Doubled professional services effort


A new way to manage cyber security chores

Apply industry best practices with playbooks

Get guidance for your specific cyber security goals

Get personalised cyber security recommendations

Learn what others in your industry are doing

Automate critical cyber security routines

Protect people and IT, at work and at home

Achieve results even with 10 minute effort

Book domain experts to assist with specific topics

What is the difference between tiers?

Playbooks describe common steps to accomplish cyber security tasks. Those steps often involve actions you need to take. In the free tier, you take manual actions, such as add your family's email addresses to continuous data breach monitoring. On the automation tier, you can use our apps to automate actions. For example by integrating with O365, helps you track the security of your workplace's email addresses automatically. Full service actions allow you to book time with us in order to delegate certain tasks to our professional services. In the full service, we will execute one playbook at a time together with you. In full service plus, we will execute multiple simultaneous playbooks with you.

What happens in a customer success meeting?

We will map with you what are your most topical security concerns. We will plan what playbooks to do and when. We will review playbook results. Don't worry if you don't have time for each customer success meeting. We will keep you up to date on what has happened and how we are going to help you next.

What is included in professional services?

Some playbooks include potentially time-consuming tasks, or tasks requiring some specific expertise. In our full service, you can book experts to help you either with time or expertise. Did notify you of a security issue? Let us report it to your vendor and follow up to make sure they fix the issues. Do you need security training for your staff? Our experts onboard your staff and help them with any issues they may have.

Why did you make this service?

We've worked a long time in information security. A really long time. We've built cyber security tools for professionals around the world. Those same tools showed us, that most issues are in organizations who don't have a dedicated security team. And the issues themselves, while they may have dramatic consequences, are pretty mundane and easy to fix. We set out to make the best cyber security practices available for everyone.

Why do you have a free tier?

Some say if you are not paying for the product, you are the product. This refers to companies who provide free services for individuals in order to sell ads. This is not our business model. We want to make cyber security easy for everyone, and free service for individuals was always part of that plan. And of course, we hope that some happy Badrap users will become Badrap customers later. We have commercial services for companies who want to protect their employees and infrastructure. We've also received private funding. If you like the service and think we're doing an important job, please use it as much as you can and tell others about it.

If I create an account, will you send me spam?

No way. If you want, you can request automatic notifications on any new information regarding your IP addresses or email addresses. If any new vulnerabilities appear, you will get a notification via email. We also may inform you about major updates to the service as well as new features that affect its use substantially. You can always remove any registered assets from your notifications as well as deny all email notifications completely.

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