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IndividualsTraficomValioHUSAskel HealthcareLahti EnergiaVeriffCrosskeyEfimaHSYKalajokiMureaKotkan Energia
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CarunaKuopion EnergiaTampereen SähkölaitosUniversity of OuluInergiaTurun Seudun PuhdistamoSeinäjoen EnergiaBusiness FinlandM-TechnologyEtelä-Savon EnergiaAndningMedeMablerRaaseporin Energia

Cyber Security Made Easy

Automate and complete common tasks with ease.

You're in good company


Adopt and automate cyber security routines easily

Boost your online security and privacy. Adopt and execute industry best practices with interactive step-by-step instructions. Achieve results and reach your goals with automation, smart recommendations and reminders.

Personal playbooks are free for all. Paid subscribers get full access to all playbooks.

Keep My Networks Safe

Check if the networks you use are safe, fix potential issues and protect others.
Luke Jackson, Badrap
< 5minFree
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Personal Data Breaches

Find out if your personal data has been leaked anywhere on the internet.
Joachim Viide, Badrap
< 10minFree
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Exposed Services

Detect changes in your Internet facing services and minimize exposure.
Esa Törmikoski, SensorFleet
30min24/7 monitoring
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Network Isolation

Find and fix network isolation failures. Make sure they won't appear again.
Mikko Kenttälä, SensorFu
2h24/7 monitoring
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Abandoned Servers

Identify servers that no longer receive security updates and are vulnerable to attacks.
Aki Helin, Badrap
30min24/7 monitoring
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Certificate Expiration Monitoring

Maintain user trust, avoid service interruptions and detect neglected servers by monitoring certificate expirations.
Jani Kenttälä, Badrap
30min24/7 monitoring
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Subdomain Takeover

Prevent criminals from using your domain name to attack your services and Internet users.
Jani Kenttälä, Badrap
30min24/7 monitoring
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Bug Bounty Hunter's Perspective

Check out how a bug bounty hunter scopes and finds weak spots in your infrastructure.
Tomi Laine, Badrap
< 3hProfessional Services
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Ransomware Readiness Improvement

Assess and improve your defenses against ransomware.
Salko Korac, Botiguard
< 5hProfessional Services
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Employee Cyber Hygiene

Engage and train employees in cyber hygiene to protect their workplace, themselves and their family.
Jani Kenttälä, Badrap
< 2hTraining
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Supply Chain Caretaking

Find and fix security lapses in your supply chain. Understand the maturity of your vendors.
Heikki Kortti, Badrap
< 2hProfessional Services
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Security Policy

Implement and maintain lean and robust cyber security practices.
Heikki Kortti, Badrap
1 dayProfessional Services
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Key Employee Cyber Engagement

Engage and empower your key employees to become your best cyber security defense.
Jani Kenttälä, Badrap
< 1hTraining
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Network Service Audit

Ensure the security and privacy of your Internet exposed service.
Heikki Kortti, Badrap
< 2hProfessional Services
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Developer Cyber Hygiene

Kickstart a robust culture for secure software development.
Jani Kenttälä, Badrap
< 3hTraining
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Benefits of Playbooks

A new way to manage cyber security chores

Apply industry best practices with playbooks

Get guidance for your specific cyber security goals

Get personalised cyber security recommendations

Learn what others in your industry are doing

Automate critical cyber security routines

Protect people and IT, at work and at home

Achieve results even with 10 minute effort

Book domain experts to assist with specific topics

We chose Badrap's cyber hygiene training since it draws the employee into focus. Thanks for a successful training came all the way from our executive board member.

Mika Arvonen
Head of Cyber Security, Valio


Make it easy for yourself

Integrations with common service providers will keep you protected at scale, with less effort.

Amazon Web Services
Synchronize assets from Amazon Web Services to Badrap.
Google Cloud Platform
Synchronize assets from Google Cloud Platform to Badrap.
Microsoft Azure
Synchronize assets from Microsoft Azure to Badrap.
Microsoft Office 365
Synchronize assets from Microsoft Office 365 to Badrap.
Google Workspace
Synchronize assets from Google Workspace to Badrap.
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Protect yourself and your family

  • Access to free playbooks

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  • Automatic security alerts

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Protect your business with automation

  • Everything in free tier

  • Access to all playbooks

  • Automate your tasks with apps

  • Tailored security content

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Full service

1500 €

Let's protect your business together

  • Everything in automation tier

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  • 30-minute customer success meeting each month

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Full service plus

2500 €

We will protect your business

  • Everything in full service tier

  • Extra playbook as a full service

  • 60-minute customer success meeting each month

  • Doubled professional services effort

As a Badrap subscriber you will have full access to playbooks, smart recommendations, and security automation through our apps. My mission is to help you improve your security posture faster and smoother than ever before.

Jani Kenttälä
Founder, Badrap